JVL’s Secretary Stokes Up Antisemitism

Glyn Secker is Secretary of Jewish Voice for Labour, a tiny group of outlier Jews. They are Labour members who demonise Israel and believe that most allegations of antisemitism regarding other Labour members are fabrications designed to undermine Jeremy Corbyn. Secker has called Israel a “terror state”. He has said “It has become a pariah country internationally. Israel doesn’t know how to make peace, it only knows how to make wars.” He wrote a gushing review of ‘State of Terror’ (‘this seminal work’ ….’Violence to the Palestinians, modelled on the antisemitic pogroms in eastern Europe’), a book which David Collier and I have shown (in a 22,000 word deconstruction) to be a deeply antisemitic fraud.


Yesterday (6 January 2018) Glyn Secker spoke at a rally in Grosvenor Square. It was a rally of members of mosques from West Midlands and the North to protest about the move of the US Embassy to Jerusalem. Around 500 were there, including several children.  A video of some of the speeches including Secker’s is here (video from Campaign 4Truth).  A dangerous myth regularly spread by Middle East extremists is that Israel is about to attack the Al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem. Of course it is a lie – the Temple Mount and access to the Mosques has been more open and secure since 1967 than it ever was under Jordanian occupation (except it’s hardly open for Jews …). Despicably, Secker fuels these lies. Listen at -56:04: “Trump’s announcement gave the green light to the total annexation of Jerusalem, the expulsion of all Palestinians and is a direct threat to Al Aqsa itself.”

As if that was not bad enough, at -53.43 we see Secker describe Ahed Tamimi – charged with assaulting an IDF soldier – as a “Joan of Arc”!  And incredibly at -52.17 he says that the Board of Deputies of British Jewshost the neofascist  EDL on demonstrations”. A vile defamatory lie. Uttered to 500 mosque members and their children.

Secker’s speech is a graphic illustration of how the leadership of Jewish Voice for Labour denigrates the vast majority of Jews – either by stoking up antisemitism or by saying that Jews are lying when they detect antisemitism.

There’s no difference.

Addendum – More comments in speeches yesterday:

Mike Cushman (Chair, Free Speech on Israel): “America wants to make the whole of Palestine into an Israeli Zionist-led State”


Daud Abdullah (Palestine Return Centre):  “There are some people who make business through blackmail and deception and they got rich and they became billionaires and they want to conduct international politics on the basis of blackmail and deception”

And the ‘maps that lie’ were prominent on the lectern yesterday ………..

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